MightyBee and the Beehive

I’ve owned a MINI for 10 years now and have been to many events. I motored for seven years in my first MINI, a 2006 Cooper Convertible that was and still is the original MINIBee. I think it was my first trip to MINIs on the Dragon, in 2007, when I saw my first MINI pulling a teardrop trailer and knew I had to have one. It seemed like the perfect combination of retro and modern, and I imagined that pulling a portable hotel room would provide for a very cool level of freedom for future motoring adventures. Originally I was looking at simple teardrops weighing around 800 pounds and the more I looked the more I realized I would want a more powerful MINI to pull the kind of teardrop I really wanted.  Years passed and alas, no teardrop was in my immediate future, but patiently I waited.

In 2012 I had a career change and became a Motoring Advisor. At the time MINIBee was 7 years old and was approaching 150,000 miles. I decided to retire her, and taking advantage of the discounts afforded to me through my job, I adopted MightyBee, a 2013 JCW Roadster in October of 2012. It was another step in the right direction.

I continued to do research and dream about the perfect teardrop and found many that were beautiful but too heavy and too expensive. A new trailer came out, called the T@G Max, and it had everything I wanted with a price that was reasonable. In mid 2015 I started to make a plan.

With MINI Takes the States on the horizon for July of 2016 and plans to motor all the way for the first time, I wondered what it would be like to use that event as the reason to finally get the teardrop. It seemed like we would save a lot of money by camping instead of using hotels, and the money saved could be applied to the purchase of the trailer. I visited a local T@G dealer and spent a few hours exploring the trailer. The retail price was $14,500 so I made an offer based on a lower price advertised by a dealer in Wilmington, NC but my local dealer would not budge. A trip to North Carolina was in my near future.

On November 11, 2015 I came home from work around 8 PM, slept until about 2 AM and then made a “Smokey and the Bandit” run to Wilmington to get the teardrop. It was a fun trip and I posted many photos on Facebook along the way. I arrived there around noon and by 4 PM I was ready to pull out.  The Beehive was finally mine!

Picking up the Beehive!
Picking up the Beehive!

The guys at Wilmington RV (Keven and Matt) were fantastic and they made the pickup process very easy. I got a fantastic deal on my T@G Max ($11,900) and since getting mine I have sent several people to them who have had similar experiences.

Pulling it home was so easy! It’s just 1,100 pounds but on the highway I could barely feel it. Around Savannah I was really tired, so I stopped for dinner, then found a rest area and crawled into the hive to sleep for a few hours before motoring the rest of the way home.

With about six months to go before MTTS, I began planning some camping trips to get experience. So in my next few posts I will share with you what I have learned after six camping trips over the last five months, as we get ready for the epic cross-country journey that is MTTS.




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