First Camping Trip

Super Bowl 1
MightyBee and the Beehive in the garage.

With my T@G teardrop now home, I needed some time to learn how to set it up and use everything. For a couple of weeks I kept it in the garage and plugged into the power, and even took a nap in it one afternoon so I could test out the air conditioning. My sales manager, Doug Opie, is an experienced camper and he gave me a lot of tips. My friend and colleague, finance manager Dan Garcia, went to Wilmington RV to get a T@B teardrop to pull with his ALL4 Countryman, so for several weeks it was “trailer talk” at the store. I needed to go to a campground and actually set it up and use it, so Dan and I made plans for a local camping trip at Ft. Desoto Park Campground.

Ft. Desoto is a very popular spot for campers, with many campsites that are right on the water. It took a few weeks to find two open campsites next to each other for a Saturday and Sunday night stay, but eventually we booked for Super Bowl weekend and planned for our own special Super Bowl party.

Dan was off that Sunday so he went down and set up early. I, however, had to facilitate adoptions of MINIs until 5 PM, so after we closed I rushed down to Ft. Desoto (about 45 minutes away) to get setup before dark.

It was my first time, so I didn’t even unhitch. I just backed it in, put the stabilizers down in the back and plugged in the power. I bought a 4 X 7 side tent for storing gear and changing clothes, etc…so Dan and his family helped me set that up. Just before dark and a little before kickoff, my camp was set.

Super Bowl 2
All setup at Ft. Desoto.

We spent the evening watching the Super Bowl under the stars, using a $30 HD broadcast TV antenna connected to Dan’s T@B. It was such a great time! Eventually I crawled inside my T@G for the night and slept like a log!

Super Bowl 3
Watching the Super Bowl on the T@B widescreen. 😉

In the morning I cooked scrambled eggs on my propane stove, using an aluminum camping griddle across both burners. I made some coffee too, and as I sat there in the cool morning air, I was thinking “this is the life!”

We spent another night there before packing up and heading back to work. I was hooked, and I had passed the first test.

Ready to pull out after two nights, mission accomplished.
Ready to pull out after two nights, mission accomplished.

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