Our MTTS History

We’re just four days away from pulling out for the mother of all road rallies, and although we have participated in MTTS before, this will be the first time we’ll be going all the way. On two occasions we merely dipped our toes in the MTTS pond. One time, in 2010, I went from Atlanta to St. Louis with my good friend Tracey Reed Roth, back when we were known as “Ketchup and Mustard.” Here’s a complete recap:

2006 – Bought my first MINI in March of that year and didn’t even know about MTTS.

2008 – Took the whole family to Homestead and the highlight was motoring on the Homestead-Miami Speedway. We found out at the last-minute that the kids couldn’t be on the track, so that was a bummer.

MINIBee on the Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2008.
MINIBee on the Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2008.

2010 – Ketchup and Mustard Take the States! My friend Tracey Reed Roth and I motored up to Atlanta, then went as far as St. Louis before turning back. Some highlights from that trip include motoring on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, finding the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle in Collinsville, IL and visiting the Kaskaskia Fire-Breathing Dragon in Vandalia, IL with Jim McDowell, then Chief Motorer at MINI.

With Chief Motorer Jim McDowell and many MINI friends during MTTS 2010
With Chief Motorer Jim McDowell and many MINI friends during MTTS 2010

2012 – I had just begun my new career as a Motoring Advisor, so I only had enough time for a dash to Charlotte to take a spin around the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Jenna joined me and it was a fun, but very quick trip.

2014 – The closest MTTS city for us was Memphis, TN, so since participation that year wasn’t part of my reality, I helped organize the first MINI Takes Florida instead, as a feeder route to those were joining the party in Memphis. We motored from Key West to Jacksonville over four days, visiting five MINI dealers along the way. It was such a huge success that we did it again this year and have nearly 150 people registered.


And that brings us up to date and ready to roll, all the way and track to track for the first time. As I pack and prepare MightyBee and the Beehive for the trip, the excitement is building. Will I forget to bring something? Will I have enough hard drive space for all the photos and video? Will everything go as planned? I hope not! I like to plan and be ready, but I’m looking forward to the adventure and the rich experiences the open road can bring. Let’s do this!

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