MightyBee is in Atlanta!

MightyBee and the Beehive have arrived in Atlanta! Hope is here too, and we are about to head over to registration at the Ponce City Market. Here’s a cool video my son, Corey, made of us on the open road!



3 thoughts on “MightyBee is in Atlanta!

  1. Hey Jack, I love your Hive even more with it all decked out. The tech you are to publish your motoring journey’s daily journal and allow dynamic interaction with your fans & followers & friends is brilliant mate!!! Silverback saw your entry and is telling me I need to step up my game!

    1. Thanks, Jeff. Getting lots of thumbs-up and horn-honking on the road. The blog is a natural thing for me, with my journalism background. We have all these cool tools so might as well use them!

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